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As and from tomorrow, all tobacco products have, by law to carry a prominent image on them in Ireland.


They are using the standard images that have been around for a while, and I must say they brighten up the packets, somewhat.

Frankly I find the images amusing.  They are obviously are designed to shock but bear so little resemblance to life that they are rather pathetic.  What has a child in an oxygen mask got to do with anything?  It it a feeble attempt to persuade all smokers that their children will all end up in Intensive Care?

Naturally they drag out the old Black Lung.  This is one of the great lies perpetrated by the Tobacco Control Industry and has been debunked many times over.  For those of you who are still not convinced, I would ask one simple question – how come smokers’ lungs are frequently used in lung transplant operations?  If a smoker’s lungs are supposed to look so horrific, then surely any surgeon would refuse to transplant?

One of my favourites is the image of the hypodermic needle [unfortunately I don’t have a sample to hand] with the message that smoking is addictive.  I have seen many things in my years but I have yet to see anyone injecting nicotine!

Maybe I am missing out on something?


Lovely pictures — 4 Comments

  1. The images are a mixture of silly and fraudulent. Everyone who dies in a hospital ends up wearing a toe tag (don't know if you have that one in Ireland, but it is my favourite), the teeth most likely belong to a crack cocaine user, the lung is most likely from the victim of a fire, 70% of head and neck cancers are caused by HPV,  the wilting cigarette is difficult to reconcile with the post-war baby boom and the kid in a mask is something I would like to see more often, especially if it keeps the noise down.

    • Welcome, Marie.  That is precisely why I can't take them seriously.  They are just gratuitous images designed to scare the brain-dead, who might just concievably believe that smoking a cigarette will cause a cauliflower to grow out of the side of their neck.

      The kid in the mask only has himself to blame – much too young to be on the cigarettes!

  2. Grandad,Back when I was writing "Brains" I actually found and used a newspaper quote from a police sergeant admitting that he was using a painted pig's lung in his anti-smoking demonstrations at schools but of course referred to it as a "smoker's lung" for better impact.As for "injecting nicotine," I have two contributions to offer.  The first is from Leg Iron's incredible blog, an entry from about 3 years ago in which people discuss this issue in some depth, including some information about a researcher, Lennox Johnston, who did a bunch of self experimentation with nicotine injections.   And then, to show how nuts the Antismokers have made people, here's a posting from someone who's obviously not quite at college level yet:"me and my friend were talking about cigarettes and how addictive they are, and then my friend started talking about how when people get addicted enough, they start injecting nicotine to get high. if he's telling truth, whats the high like?" - MJM 

    • I'm a long-time follower of Leg Iron myself!  Indeed the images have become so extreme and ludicrous that they really are becoming self defeating.  The hypodermic needle is probably the funniest and best of the lot.  The only people they really impress are the Tobacco Control mob themseloves, who genuinely seem to have fallen for their own lies and rhetoric.

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